The Danbury Review Wednesday,
December 12, 2018

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'Tis the Season for Lots of Concerts

    The sounds of Christmas that come from televisions and radios were enhanced over the last week with three concerts in 7 days in the MVAO school district.
    Tuesday, December 4th had the gym in Anthon filled with music by the middle school choirs and bands.
    Monday, December 10th was a 2fer night as the elementary kids from the Mapleton center held their program. After a short break, the high school choirs and band took center stage with their own concert.
    Pictured to the right are choir members and members of the audience singing Hallelujah Chorus, a tradition at the high school concert. Photo by Marsha Pegram. Thanks, Marsha!
    Directly below are members of the fifth grade band also dressed up for the program which followed the band during the elementary program. Photo by Brooke Kafton. Thanks, Brooke!
    Farther below are members of the seventh/eighth grade band during the middle school concert. Photo by Teresa McMillen. Thanks, Teresa!
    More pictures from the concerts will be in the January 2nd issue of the Review.

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