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October 9, 2019

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Schmidt Shows Student Support With Haircut

Kylee Doty and Sarah Schmidt pose holding the
hair Schmidt has donated to Children With Hair Loss.
Photo submitted. Thank you!
    Kylee Doty has had a decent childhood, but it has been a bit hair-raising. When she was 4 years old, the daughter of Megan and Jeremy Doty of Danbury was diagnosed with an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor. She went through aggressive treatment, and thank goodness the tumor met its match and has not returned.
    Because of the brain tumor and the treatment required to rid this little girl of it, Kylee lost her hair which has been slow to return. Currently, her own hair is very fine but getting longer. Kylee's learning was slowed down a bit, too, and the Dotys felt their little girl needed a little boost in her education.
    This second factor brought MVAO Special Education teacher Sarah Schmidt into Kylee's life. Kylee begins each school morning in Mapleton in Schmidt's classroom where she gets the extra help she needs before joining her fellow fourth graders at Danbury Catholic School for the remainder of the day.
    Because of the time the two spend together, they have gotten to know each other pretty well. Schmidt has been there to cheer on Kylee's successes and to help her push through challenges. On the first day of school last year, Kylee entered Schmidt's classroom donning a new hairstyle compliments of a wig from Children with Hair Loss. Sarah saw an opportunity to show even more support to Kylee.
    "I had contacted Megan Doty, Kylee's mom, last spring to find out where Kylee had gotten it (the wig) from to make sure that I could potentially be a donor for Kylee herself," explained Schmidt. "I knew that I wanted to do this to honor her and any other students who are unable to grow their own full head of hair due to a medical condition or treatment."
    "I think it's pretty special that her teacher is so thoughtful and loves her students so much that she would donate her hair for one of them," said Kylee's mom, Megan. "I'm glad Kylee has so many loving people in her life."
    This decision might have been quick to make and the haircut itself was relatively quick, but growing hair takes much more than a day or two to achieve.
    "I always grow my hair out each year to prepare for the motorcycle season. I usually cut it in the fall after our last motorcycle ride and let it grow the remainder of the year," said Schmidt. "Last May I went to Patty Sanderson at the Cutting Edge and told her how I needed to take the layers out of my hair in order to prepare to donate. I continued growing it out from May until the end of September, making sure that I had more than 8 inches of hair to donate."
    Schmidt not only reached 8", she exceeded the goal and donated 10" to Children with Hair Loss.
    Kylee, being a girl of few words (sometimes), had just a handful words to say when asked about her teacher's donation. Her response, "It's cool. Her new haircut is pretty."
    This was Sarah's second follicle donation. Her first time was shortly after marrying her husband, Kurt. At that time she gave it to Locks of Love.
    "I have since found out they (Locks of Love) charge for their wigs, so I haven't wanted to donate since. Now that I know about Children with Hair Loss I can see myself donating more often.
    Children with Hair Loss provides a new hair replacement kit to children each year free of charge until they turn 21. In 2017, 269 children received replacements from CWHL. Donors need to send donations in lengths of at least 8". If interested in donating either your hair or making a monetary donation, please go to

Apple Pie Bake Saturday

Deadline to order October 10th

    The kitchen at Danbury Catholic School will be filled with bakers on Saturday, October 12th as the Rosary Society holds their annual apple pie bake. If you haven't ordered your pies and crusts, please do so. The deadline to order is Thursday, October 10th. Tins with the pie crusts ready to fill cost 2/$5 before the 8th and 2/$8 afterwards. Dutch apple pies are $12 each.
    To order your pie(s) please call Danbury Catholic School at 883-2244, St. Mary's Rectory at 883-2406, or Carol Weber at 712-840-5000.

Danbury Clean Up Days This Weekend

    Danbury's clean up days are scheduled for Friday, October 11th and Saturday, October 12th.
    A container will be placed in the maintenance shed on Second Street, and times to deposit your worn out treasures will be limited. Someone will be at the shed from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, and again from 8:00 a.m. until 12 noon on Saturday. Castaways will not be allowed outside these time frames. People caught leaving items outside these times will be contacted. Also, remember that this service is for city residents only.
    While appliances are not allowed in the container, for $12 appliance tags can be purchased so that CHN can drop these items at the proper facility. These tags will be available at City Hall until and at the dump site during the clean up days.
    Appliances (not TVs, though) need to be placed at the curb; but must have an appliance tag. The city is not held responsible if someone else picks up your appliances first. TVs will not be picked up. They will need to be brought to the shed for disposal
    Your normal garbage pickup will still be taken from your curb on the 13th.

So Much Shopping, So Little Time

    Shoppers looking for some handcrafted items along with items sold by direct sales consultants needn't look further than Danbury Catholic's gymnasium on Sunday. The gym was filled with vendors hoping to sell the vast majority of their inventory before the end of the day. The annual craft fair which benefitted Danbury Catholic School gave the shoppers the opportunity to do such thing and enjoy a nice warm lunch.
    To the left, Kathy Fitzpatrick and Marilyn look at handmade bracelets made by Betty Nielsen to choose the ones best suiting their wants.
    Photo by Molly Fitzpatrick. Thanks, Molly!

Have some Coffee at Cord Memorial

    Take a coffee break at Cord Memorial Library!!!!
    Join Raine for some coffee and conversation Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.


Book Club Tuesdays at Cord Memorial Library

    The book club at Cord Memorial Library will be held every other Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. All who enjoy reading and discussing are welcome to join!


Shelter House Project Update

    The shelter house is looking great inside! Completion is getting closer!
    Photo by Kathy Scholl. Thanks, Kathy! Model by Vi Scholl. Thanks, Vi!


Open Cupboard Oct. 17

    The Open Cupboard & Food Bank of Siouxland Inc. Mobil Food Pantry distribution will be Wednesday, October 16th at the Mapleton Community Center. Sign up begins at 3:00, and distribution begins at 5:00. Bring your own bags, boxes,


Monson to retire from MRHD

    SIOUX CITY, Iowa (Sept. 20, 2019) – Mark Monson, Executive Director of Missouri River Historical Development, Inc. (MRHD), will retire in December after 30 years with the organization that has distributed more than $38 million


Starve A Vampire Donate Blood!

Danbury Blood Drive Oct. 23rd

    SIOUX CITY, Iowa (October 1, 2019) – Join LifeServe Blood Center for a spooky blood drive this month! Ve vant your blood!
    Are you scared? Don't be! Our team of professional


Bruning Reaches 12 Gallon Blood Donation

Weber, Bruning, Kallsen All Reach Milestones

    The August blood drive in Danbury was again deemed a success by LifeServe. Twenty-three potential donors visited the Danbury fire station, and 22 units of blood were collected,


Pro-Life Chain Shows Respect for All Life

    Christians spent an hour hanging around Mapleton on Sunday, not shopping but supporting. Though they were from different religious affilations and different towns, the group was


Ag Education Needed in Schools

    Our nation's educators push math, science, reading and social studies with an emphasis on standardized testing, but are students ready for the real world?
    When raising our three kids we not only encouraged


Phone Scammers Imitating Sheriff's Office

    Recently, the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office has been taking complaints of a phone scam that is circulating the area where the caller identifies himself/herself as a Woodbury County Sheriff's Office employee. The


Weather Summary

Provided by Justin Glisan, Ph.D., State Climatologist, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
    Iowa experienced a very wet reporting period as a stagnant pattern over the upper Midwest brought above average


Iowa Crop Progress and Conditions Report

    DES MOINES, Iowa (Oct. 7, 2019) – Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig commented on the Iowa Crop Progress and Conditions report released by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. The report is


Letter to the Editor

    On November 5th, Danbury will be voting for members of the City council.  Current council member Sue Ham is running for election to the council.  Although many Danbury residents know Sue, I would like to introduce her to those


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